Reggae Angels

The Reggae Angels are a world-class roots reggae act based in the San Francisco east bay area with a large music catalog of fourteen CDs. In late May 2019 they are slated to embark on their fifth US tour backed by Sly & Robbie, this time co-billing with Mykal Rose. This is a 5-week tour on which they are scheduled to headline 5 festivals across the country. Their last two albums were recorded with Sly and Robbie and the Taxi Gang. Their latest album Rely On Him was released in October 2017. The Reggae Angels have been recording and performing conscious roots reggae for over two decades. In February 2019 they completed their fourth US tour with Sly & Robbie & the Taxi Gang. The other singers on that tour were Bitty Mclean, Cherine Anderson, and Peter G.

The Reggae Angels latest album Rely On Him is prophetic message music from the Reggae Angels in collaboration with the multi-Grammy award winning Sly and Robbie on bass and drums and the Taxi Gang featuring Franklyn ‘Bubbler’ Waul on keyboards and the late Ronald “Nambo” Robinson on trombone. Also featured on the album are Addis Pablo, Augustus Pablo’s son, on melodica, Dwight Pinkney on guitar and Daniel Casares on alto and tenor sax. The previous Reggae Angels album, The Way was also backed by Sly and Robbie and the Taxi Gang. There are also 12 track dub CDs with each of these albums called Fox Dubs Taxi Gang.

Rely On Him and The Way was recorded by Fenton and Garfield McDonald in Fenton’s recording studio in Oakland, CA called the Workshop. They were mixed and mastered by the world-renown engineer Jim Fox at the Lion and Fox Recording Studio in Washington DC. Both of these albums are distributed by Zojak Worldwide and available for purchase on iTunes and a variety of other major online retailers. Physical copies are also available through a variety of traditional retailers. Rely On Him brings the Reggae Angels catalog from strength to strength. It fires up the listener with its words and music – guidance for themselves and others towards righteous living.

The Reggae Angels have performed on many US festivals including Reggae in the Hills, The Oroville Rock Reggae Jamfest, Reggae on the River, The Trinity River Jamboree, The Bay Area Vibez Festival, The One Love One Heart Reggae festival, The Northwest World Reggae Fest, The Sierra Nevada World Music Festival, The Seattle International Reggae Festival, Reggae in the Desert in Las Vegas, The Wild Mountain Fair, The Pitzer Reggae Festival and The World One Festival in El Cerrito, CA as well as also performing on many of the major European festivals.

In November 2017 the Reggae Angels did a western US tour with the Abyssinians. In September / October 2016 they toured backed by Sly and Robbie and the Taxi Gang. The Reggae Angels have toured the US, Hawaii, Canada, South America, Europe, and Africa. They have done many national and international tours opening and co-billing with conscious Jamaican roots reggae acts such as Mykal Rose, Sly & Robbie, Prezident Brown, Andrew Tosh, Everton Blender, Don Carlos, Anthony B, Junior Reid, The Abyssinians, Sugar Minott, Warrior King, and Frankie Paul as well as touring on their own.

The Reggae Angels live performance is well polished from years of experience performing in diverse places. They do dynamic high-energy shows with a happy, uplifting sound. Their musicians are world class and their message speaks of God conscious, God centric living.


Currently based in the San Francisco, CA East Bay, the Reggae Angels have been touring for more than two decades in North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Hawaii, and Canada. They are well loved and respected. They have co-billed and toured with many top international reggae artists such as Don Carlos, Sly and Robbie and the Taxi Gang, Anthony B, Perfect, Richie Spice, Horace Andy, Michael Rose, Big Youth, The Abyssinians, Edi Fitzroy, Lutan Fyah, Carlton & The Shoes, Clinton Fearon, Everton Blender, Sugar Minott, Andrew Tosh, Prezident Brown, Shinehead, Junior Reid and Frankie Paul as well as touring on their own.

The lead vocalist Fenton Wardle started performing for the public at the age of twelve playing his accordion in the streets in San Francisco. In 1982 he fronted his first reggae band called Ily in New Hampshire where he attended Dartmouth College and graduated in 1984. In 1986 he helped form a band on the West Coast called The Chosen Few. In 1989 the band re-grouped and went by the name The Elevations. Fenton sang lead and harmony vocals and played keyboards. With the Elevations, he produced two albums – Jah Guide and Good Judgment. In 1992 Fenton started the Reggae Angels.

The Reggae Angels have one of the most extensive discographies of any American based Reggae acts. Altogether Fenton has produced fourteen albums. Guard the Honor, Truth and Conviction, Spirit, Signs and Wonders, Which Road Will You Choose, Live Positive, Come To Jah, A Heart With Love, Balance, Make Blessings, Prophetic Mission, Turn on the Light, The Way and Rely On Him. Augustus Pablo is featured playing melodica and synthesizer on the earlier works adding his melodious far eastern sound and now on the latest album Rely On Him Addis Pablo, Augustus Pablo’s son is featured on melodica. The early mixing was done in Jamaica with top engineers including Sylvan Morris, David Rowe, Soljie, Dr. Marshall and Hugh Palmer. Scientist mixed the next four albums in Los Angeles and in the San Francisco Bay Area. The latest albums – Balance, A Heart With Love, Make Blessings, Prophetic Mission, Turn on the Light, The Way and Rely On Him – were mixed at the Lion and Fox recording studios, in Washington DC by Jim Fox.

Their latest two albums The Way and Rely On Him feature Sly and Robbie and the Taxi Gang. These albums are both double CD’s that include dub CD’s – Fox Dubs the Taxi Gang. The Reggae Angels currently do most of their recording in their own studio in Oakland, CA called the Workshop.

Fans of reggae know the Reggae Angels deliver high-energy performances with a happy, uplifting sound and a God conscious message. The message is universal and the musicians are world class. The lyrics contain spiritual insights and teachings. All different ages and kinds of people love and appreciate the Reggae Angels, especially the spiritually inclined. Their focus is on clarifying the message of the prophets – prophetic knowledge – sincere advice and prayers towards knowing the creator and living in balance, love, and harmony with the people and the world around us. Their music is spiritual upliftment and reminders for the people.