DEZARIE - Reggae ArtistDezarie is slated to come again to the West Coast and Hawaii in June 2024 with her own band from St. Croix. Dezarie is the classic VI sound, emerging from the Virgin Islands and sweeping over the world. West Coast reggae fans are eager to see her perform again live on the road.

Dezarie is a singer of unrivaled abilities. Her mesmerizing soothing vocals counteract with sharp, caustic and forceful chants to create a sound that resonates on all wavelengths. The strength of her convictions and her sense of purpose manifests itself in deep and powerful lyrics. Dezarie doesn’t mince words or sugarcoat her messages. She is very much a ‘what you see is what you get’ singer. She sticks with what made us fall in love with her in the first place. She has a beautiful vocal sound and her songs are consistently conscious in orientation – Roots and Culture. She has worked the road for many years as one of the forefront female reggae artists performing in venues and festivals in the US, South America, Europe and the islands.

DEZARIE – Live in Salvador, Brazil – República do Reggae Festival 2022

DEZARIE – Live in St Croix, USVI – Serenity Nest – 2022

Dezarie began working with The Midnite Recording Company in 2001. From that beginning she went on to release 6 albums – FYI (2001), Gracious Mama Africa (2003), Ease The Pain (2008), The Fourth Book (2010), Love in Your Meditation (2014) and Greatest Hits (2021). She continues recording to this day.

Dezarie’s songs are very well loved and listened to throughout the Caribbean, North and South America and Europe. Some of her top single are Travelers, Gracious Mama Africa, Poverty, Gone Down, Slew Dem an Done, Not One Penny and Judgment Come. Dezarie’s angelic vocals weave their way through highlight songs such as Jah Know Better and Children of The Most High. Dezarie’s songs abound with pleas for social justice and racial equality with selections like “Poverty”, “Strengthen Your Mind” and “Justice”. The strength and power of Dezarie is most strikingly displayed in her condemnation of so-called Babylon civilization. “Gone Down”, “Not One Penny”, “Law Fe De Outlaw”, “Slew Dem An Done” and “Judgment Come” all deliver conscious punches that penetrate the soul.

“Do what you want, wheresoever you please. Bombing Vieques, yes your bombing the seas. Lock up anyone that was opposing. Speaking against the nonsense that you were doing. But Babylon you gone down, you gone down. Babylon funeral, you gone down.”