Lutan Fyah
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Over the last decade Lutan Fyah has come up as one of the more popular young sing-jays in the reggae music business. This young Jamaican talent is currently in big demand worldwide. He is part of the conscious dancehall movement started by artists like Tony Rebel and Garnett Silk. There is great interest and excitement about this October/ November North American tour.

Lutan Fyah is a rootsy reggae singer with messages of unity, love, and justice deeply embedded in his music. Lutan Fyah was born in Jamaica in the parish of St. Catherine with music in his blood. With his grandfather running a sound system, artists such as Lieutenant Stitchie, Papa San, Lady G., and the legendary Dennis Brown would often visit the family home. From a young age, Lutan Fyah aspired to become a successful singer himself, but he also took his soccer playing seriously and joined a professional team after finishing high school.

In 1999 Lutan Fyah began an internship at Buju Banton's Gargamel label. He went on to record some tracks for this label and he also did some freelance work for other producers. In 2001 the artist Jah Mason offered Fyah the support slot on his worldwide tour. Three years later Lutan Fyah made his first full-length CD called Dem No Know Demself on the Minor7Flat5 label. Time and Place on the Lustre Kings label followed in 2005. In 2006 he released two albums, Phantom War on Greensleeves and Healthy Lifestyle on VP.

Lutan Fyah has had several popular music videos- Badness Nah Pay, Peace in Spanish Town, Phantom War, Wipe Those Tears and Rasta Still De Bout in top rotation on Jamaican networks Hype TV, Cable 54, TVJ and BUN. He gets a lot of play on the major Jamaican stage shows, and in Europe he tours through the larger venues and works most of the key festivals there such as The Sundance Festival in Holland, The Upsalla in Sweden, The Rototom in Italy, Summerjam in Germany, and The reggae Geel in Belgium. In the US he has performed on the Ragamuffin Festival in Long Beach, California, The Monterey Bay Reggaefest and the Seabreeze Festival in LA.

Lutan Fyah’s consistent conscious message, expert phrasing and aggressive movement in the business has helped to keep him as one of the most popular current reggae artists on the world stage. There is great interest and enthusiasm for this upcoming US tour in October/ November 2011.


Lutan Fyah, born 1975 in the parish of St Catherine, Jamaica, is one of the most talented and original artists in the current reggae scene. With three albums and a string of conscious hits, his popularity has recently taken him on extensive tours in Africa and Europe. Through his poetic sing-jay style, with a hint in his voice of the classic singer Bunny Wailer, Lutan Fyah tells the world about poor peoples’ situation and teaches the youth about non-violence. This message, singing and song writing have gained recognition and been well received amongst critics, colleagues and music lovers in Jamaica and worldwide.

It all started in 1999 when Anthony ”Lutan Fyah” Martin, an architecture graduate, and successful football player that had played for several teams in the Jamaican top division, decided to put away the studs and take up the microphone full time instead. He had dreamt of becoming a great singer from a tender age, inspired by hanging around his grandfather's sound system. Lutan Fyah began an internship with the artist Buju Banton at Gargamel Studio. Here Lutan would eventually record his first release, “Ambassador”, and continue with fifteen other recordings under the same roof.

Like so many other young aspiring artists in Jamaica, Anthony Martin trod that same dispiriting round of Kingston’s studios and record producers, where he was met with indifference and, at times, ignorance. At Mark Myrie’s Aksum Studios however, there was a different reception. Here the young chanter’s promise was immediately recognised. He passed his audition with flying colors. The man now known as Lutan Fyah spent what he terms his ‘internship’ at Gargamel, where he recorded over sixteen songs for Buju Banton, while also freelancing for other producers. In the studio you would not only find Lutan in the vocal booth but also behind the keyboard, the guitar and playing the percussions. His debut release was actually for the Crazy Hate label and his breakthrough tune ‘Ambassador’ signaled the arrival of a significant new talent in Kingston’s musical maelstrom.

Soon thereafter, Lutan Fyah was opening stage shows for Jah Mason and other associated artists in Jamaica, and then internationally. His overseas debut performance was with Jah Mason and Ras Shiloah at the 2001 North West reggae Festival in Seattle, U.S.A. Since then, Lutan has spread out to an international audience, and was soon performing across North America in cities such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, Atlanta, and New York. In the Caribbean he has performed in Nassau, and on the other side of the world, he was well received in Europe. After headlining concerts in London, he made a huge impact in mainland Europe, and in 2004 he toured there extensively spending over a month in Germany, Switzerland and Austria and returning to France as the year drew to a close to consolidate his burgeoning European reputation.

After being a guest on Turbulence’s massive ‘Different Thing’ to great acclaim, and releasing many successful singles in the reggae market, Lutan Fyah released his first full length CD- ‘Dem No Know Demself’, in 2004(Minor 7 Flat 5). This masterful debut was followed by the equally impressive ‘Time And Place’, which was released by Lustre Kings the following year. On this production, tracks like “As Long as Life Lasts” and “Speak Softly” display his versatility as both a sing-jay and classic roots singer. Other songs such as “Fire in theBarn”, and “Upliftment”, featuring Jah Dan of Noble Society, and “Streets of the Ghetto”, all show that Lutan Fyah stands out among other artists. Creative melodies and a poetic, lyrical approach make for stand-out performances on tracks like “Don’t Wa ste Your Time”, featuring Yami Bolo, and the beautiful empress tune “Woman of Principle”, for which there is a forth coming video. Phantom War (Greensleeves), brought forward the timeless Rastafari message of liberation and redemption. This CD features his smash single and video combination with Josie Mel, Rasta Still Deh Bout.

Lutan Fyah creates a sound that flows from the wellspring of the conscious DJ movement on another CD released on VP records, entitled Healthy Lifestyle produced by “Fatis” Burrell of Xterminator Records. The time is now for Lutan Fyah to take his place at center stage of the reggae world, and he is doing just that. He is currently much loved in Jamaica and Europe, and his fame continues to spread from there. With even more touring experience, more singles being released and a steady growing fan base, Lutan Fyah continues to spead his musi c to the four corners of the world.