Annette Brissett
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Ms. Annette Brissett is without any doubt the single most complete and versatile female artist on the Reggae circuit. She not only writes lyrics and composes and arranges music, but also sings and can play all required instru­ments if necessary too. She's like an Aretha Franklyn, India Arie or Alicia Keys, in that she composes and performs (sings and plays) equally well.

It is little wonder then, that Annette Brissett has acquired the reputation of an unsung heroine, for she is arguably Jamaica's most prolific, gifted and formidable female singer/songwriter. Indeed, she has inspired an almost cult following among Reggae aficionados, both in the ethnic/Jamaican markets of-the East Coast, as well as in the pre­dominantly White West Coast Cali­fornian Reggae scene. Her infectious Reggae rhythms are deep, powerful and soul searching. Her songs provide the world with vital, one-of­ a-kind musical food. To rock and uplift the soul with rhythm is one thing, but to do it with her unique lyrical style and consciousness, is quite another.

Like many others before her, Annette came out of a religious background before beginning her musical career at the age of eleven. Her basic spirituality soon became the inner source that has stimulated and inspir­ed her to write and compose the kind of music and lyrics that she does and most of what motivates her creativity comes from everyday experiences and her soul. She remembers being inexorably drawn to the diversity of varying musical styles in the different religions she encountered while growing up and it was no accident therefore, that in times of difficulty she often turned to her music for both consolation and fulfillment.

As she so aptly says, "The more I got into the music, the more it got into me". Her musical journey began in earnest in 1970 after she migrated to the United States. While attending school in the New York area, she was overwhelmed by the number of musical instruments she had at her disposal and she was soon on the road to making many musical discoveries. At the time, Annette was most impressed by the percussion instru­ments, which seemed difficult at first. However, within a very short time, she had mastered the drums along with the several other instruments with which she has become familiar and competent.

By 1980 therefore, Annette started recording with several pro­fessional musical groups including Roots Vibration, Stepping Razor and Kalabash. Having developed fully as a musician by this time, Annette was swift to establish her own all-female band called Sistren. Both Annette and the Band immediately gained the respect of the musical fraternity and soon they were opening for Reggae legends like Judy Mowatt and the celebrated British band Steel Pulse.

A significant highlight in Annette's rapidly developing musical career, was when she showed her prowess by helping to ignite the huge Tokyo Dome along with legendary roots man Bunny Wailer (formerly of Bob Marley and the Wailers) while on tour in Japan. In 1991, Annette released the first of her highly successful and critically acclaimed albums, "Love Power". In the years that followed she went on to produce "Gun Shooting Raw" (on which she played every single instrument herself) and "Get Up and Dance". It was not long after that Annette teamed up with the legendary "Taxi Crew" of Robbie Shakespeare and Sly Dunbar to produce the Album "Annette Brissett and the Taxi Gang". This album with these world renowned powerhouse producers, was the right tonic for propelling this rising new female star into the attention span of many more fans.

Soon Annette's songwriting skills and talents were being utilized by other needy vocalists in the business and it was not long after­wards that she penned the huge hit song" I Shall Sing" for international Reggae superstar Marcia Griffith of ("Electric Boogie"I"Electric Slide" fame).

Over the years, Annette has performed with or toured with high caliber artists like Jimmy Cliff, Third World, Lucky Dube, Big Mountain, Luciano, Mikal Rose, Tiger and Half Pint to name a few. Annette also made a memorable appearance at the huge Reggae on the River Festival in Northern California, a venue, which provided her with deep inspiration and an opportunity to meet other international artists.

Along the long musical way Annette Brissett has built up an extremely large international follow­ing in countries like the US, Japan, Brazil, Canada, Jamaica and the Caribbean. In the years 2002 and 2003, Annette began collaborating up with mega Jamaican hit maker and vocalist Beres Hammond, a genius singer/songwriter himself for whom she has both admiration and respect. So be forewarned. Annett Brissett is the woman to watch out for and one whose music cannot be overlooked. She is a true virtuoso, the real deal, with pure refined talent at its best. So experience and enjoy her lyrics.